An exploration of the physical frontiers that define race in America

Background Pages

The overall concept behind SPACExRACE is one that embraces and delves into complexity. As such, readers who are perhaps less familiar with concepts related to spatiality and race (and even those who are familiar) may find it helpful to get some background information on the topics at hand. The Background Pages I have developed are meant to help readers understand the theory and history behind the concepts discussed on this blog.

Housing Segregation and the Foreclosure Crisis – the study of housing segregation is a key area of study for many prominent sociologists and race theorists. This background page will take readers through the early history of housing segregation and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. It will then address the effectiveness of the Fair Housing Act, and conclude with an in-depth look at the foreclosure crisis of the Great Recession (2007-2009) from a housing segregation perspective.

Marin County and the Canal District – my experiences as a child growing up in Marin County, CA have played an instrumental role in developing my interest in the relationship between race and space. This background page will explain why that is the case, walk through a brief history of Marin and one of its districts, and then explore issues related to inequality within Marin.

What is Ethnic Studies? – at their core, the topics discussed on the other background pages and in blog posts on this site are ultimately connected to the academic discipline of Ethnic Studies. But what does Ethnic Studies entail? This background page will explain the origins of Ethnic Studies, its growth as an academic field, and the challenges that it faces currently.